What’s Laravel?

Quite a few PHP frameworks have come up owing to the changing technology and shifting customer demands. While Silex and Lithium have been quite good PHP frameworks, nothing has caught the development ecosystem’s imagination more than Laravel. It presents value propositions such as simple closures for routing, attractive templating systems, or rapid third party package integration, it has quickly emerged as the choice of PHP framework to develop great looking and great performing web apps.
Why ng softech for Laravel
Shallow learning curve
We lead rather than follow. For us, a new technology like Laravel gives us the opportunity to bring. NG SOFTECH to the forefront. We refuse to simply sit on the sidelines while waiting for gaining expertise on this. We dive straightaway into these exciting changes and bring the first adopter advantage to the table. For clients this means their websites are the first ones to see the massive benefits offered by Laravel in terms of visually appealing interface and thus better chances of conversion.
Our expertise adds value
We understand the intricacies around which Laravel was built. Hence we are able to translate the benefits of Laravel to core value-adds to our client’s web apps
Service differentiator
Because of the early adoption of Laravel, we are well placed and experienced to harness the power of its unique features such as IoC controller, high performance migration ability, and excellent unit testing support.
Laravel PHP development at NG Softech:
Some of the features that helps us stay on top of our Laravel PHP offering include the below –
1. We make use of the remarkable features that are bundled with the framework. Fluent query builder and Eloquent ORM are such instances that has helped us developed outstanding web apps for our clients
2. We employ Laravel for projects across varying complexities. Right form basic apps to large scalable applications, our Laravel proficiency is suited for all types of apps projects.
Backed by its distinct UI experience, ever growing and influential online community support and concise documentation makes Laravel a potent tool in our web development arsenal. We help to create stunning web apps exclusively for you, using advanced PHP technology enabled by Laravel – the web artisans’ favorite PHP framework.

  • Quicker to build and easier to maintain
  • Great for high-end & large scale websites
  • Extensible and customizable code
  • Superior proven reliability & performance