PSD To HTML/Front End Development

NG Softech is one of the pioneering companies to offer expertise oriented PSD to HTML conversions, across the globe. We, Ng Softech, specialize in converting PSD designs into high quality valid HTML, CSS or XHTML markup. We accept all image file formats subsuming BMP, PDF, AI, EPS, GIF, PNG, TIF, JPG and PSD.
We offer a wide range of PSD to HTML conversion services including: PSD to HTML & XHTML conversion, PSD to HTML5 conversion, PSD to WordPress conversion, PSD to Magento conversion, PSD to e-Commerce conversion, PSD to mobile and email template integration services and so on.
At a Glance: PSD to HTML
Designing a smart, functional, and stylish website can often begin with simple code tinkering, but many web innovative find it’s best to start with a visual mock-up to lock down the look of a web project before moving on to coding. Converting PSD files to HTML is a useful skill set for designers, as it makes it easier to get a feel for the overall visual design of a project and make adjustments in Photoshop as they begin locking things in at a coding level. The end result is a site that’s easy to navigate and easy to adjust.
PSD refers to a Photoshop design format file. Web designers usually produce PSD files as their design outputs. PSDs need to be converted to HTML in order to be displayed and used on a website. If you have projects such as PSD to HTML conversion that needs to be converted with or without tables and in pixel-perfect manner, then can offer you a lot of professional PSD to HTML freelancers ready to make your jobs done.
Web designers and programmers on Upwork can use their PSD to HTML conversion skills to design and create an elegant design in Photoshop, then slice it up and turn the different visual pieces into functional components. This process can be used to create everything from web pages to e-newsletters and other HTML-based documents that rely heavily on its visual elements.
Further the designer has to create a directory folder which will have images directory JavaScript directory. Then export the images to be used in the PSD file. Now to build the HTML layout, designer should first analyze the design in the Photoshop and identify the sections that are unique, such as the background of a file header, slides, service and media.
Once your PSD file converted into HTML, our developers will show you the output for your relevant feedback on it, which will be thoroughly analyzed.

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